As a teacher in the public schools, I often work in tandem with my students.  Sometimes an individual student and I will work together on a piece, other times I incorporate student work into my own, and yet other times I collage using work from multiple students and use my own skills to highlight and enhance the pieces as a unified whole.  Regardless of the process, I find it stimulating and enlightening to engage with my young peers and their artwork.

Blue Dress Lady and Baseball Man

My digital manipulation over 4th grade portraits finished by kindergarteners

Detail from Bird Tree

Paper collage and acrylic paint on canvas

4th grade torn paper collages and my painting

Perspective Sketch

Bird Tree and Alpine Habitat installed 

Student collages and acrylic painting on canvas

Each 24" x 49"

Detail from Bird Tree

Duplicating Kindergarten Monster

Drawing and collage with discarded student drawing

Wonderings on Third Grade Guy

My work into and over discarded student drawing

Detail of Alpine Habitat

Robot Cristy Rides Robot Bruce

Example drawing using discarded student watercolor

Bird Tree